Sell Your House Easily in a Bad Neighborhood of Dallas, TX

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Do you have a nice house that has been sitting on the market for months? Maybe it’s not the fault of the house. It could be the neighborhood. Selling a house—even if it is a great house—is difficult in a bad neighborhood. We have put together these useful tips to help you sell your house—whether in a bad location or not. There’s always a buyer for every property—no matter how rough the area. Following these tips will help you attract an interested buyer.

6 Things to Do to Make Selling Your Home Easy if You Sell By Owner

#1 Look Into Staging

Buyers that can’t picture themselves living in the house will not give you an offer. So store family photos, trophies, and other personalized decorations out of sight. Consider repainting any dark or dirty walls with a neutral, light-colored coat of paint. Arrange the furniture to make the rooms feel larger. As an example, don’t leave an oversized sectional in a small living area.

#2 Improve the Inside of Your House

Remove everything you can from the house, except for your best-quality furniture and decorations. Clean thoroughly—especially the bathrooms and kitchen. Make sure carpets and rugs are free from pet stains and odors. A sparkling clean house that is free from clutter will help potential buyers imagine living in the home.

#3 Spruce Up the Exterior

A neighbor with an overgrown yard can be a problem for a potential buyer. Offer to cut the neighbor’s grass while your house is on the market.

#4 Look for Newbie Homeowners

Remember that first-time homebuyers can rarely afford to make their first home their dream house. Be sure to emphasize the features of your home that buyers want. If the house is a reasonable compromise to what they want, you are more likely to get an offer. As a suggestion, lots of natural light appeals to buyers. So if you have large windows, make them stand out by getting rid of dated window coverings and keeping the glass clean.

#5 Don’t Hesitate to Disclose Problems

You can’t do much about the negative appeal of your neighborhood. So don’t try to hide the problems. But also emphasize anything you have enjoyed about the area—such as the proximity to a playground. And fully disclose any issues with your house. It’s the best way to set a buyer’s mind at ease with your integrity.

#6 Try an Open House

Holding open houses is an inexpensive way to advertise your house locally. You will attract more curious neighbors than interested buyers, but one of those neighbors could find your home so irresistible that they might make you an offer.

Sell Your Nice or Bad House in a Bad Location of Dallas TX or Its Surroundings to Us!

For years, Dallas Fast House Buyer has bought property in every area of the city—no house is too run-down, and no neighborhood is too problematic. If you are stuck with a home that nobody wants to buy, located in an area where nobody wants to live, we can help you.

Get a Cash Offer

We operate our business on a cash basis. When we give you an offer for your home, we already have the cash available to pay you. You won’t be waiting for us to get a loan approval risking that the deal will fall through.

We Buy Properties As Is, no Matter Where

After visiting with us, you will be amazed at how easily you can sell that problem property. We buy homes in any condition and any location—even if the alley next door is a hang-out for the homeless.

We’re FAST House Buyers

We are known by how quickly we go from offer to closing. If you need to get out of your house fast, we can have cash in your hand in less than a month, typically.

Don’t Pay any Fees

There’s no need to be concerned about the closing costs that you will have to pay. As far as you are concerned, there aren’t any! And you won’t be surprised by any hidden fees, either.

Don’t Move a Finger

Who likes dealing with the mountain of paperwork associated with a real estate transaction? Good news! The paperwork is all on us. You only need to sign and date a few documents.

Bad Neighborhoods of Dallas, Texas We Are Happy to Find Homes In

Five Points

Five Points has been referred to as the ‘Ellis Island of Dallas.’ In 2014, the neighborhood was the center of an Ebola virus scare, due to the influx of immigrants from Asia and Africa. If the highest crime rate in the city doesn’t scare away home buyers, trying to stay alive while crossing the busy Route 352 – Scyene Road intersection will.

Ross-Bennett Grid

The neighborhood has long been a magnet for robberies and drug sales—more than once, it has made the list of Dallas’ most dangerous areas. Poorly managed low-rise apartment buildings have contributed to the crime rate and the neighborhood’s lack of popularity.

Sand Branch

Often referred to as the ‘forgotten neighborhood,’ Sand Branch is the most impoverished neighborhood in Dallas—with the highest per capita number of residents on disability. A high crime rate, combined with a lack of clean water, make this area highly undesirable.

Fair Park

This neighborhood is home to failing schools. The median household income is half that of greater Dallas. At one point, packs of dogs roamed the area, making it unsafe to be out on the streets at certain times of the day.

West Oak Cliff

In October of 2016, the neighborhood gained national notoriety, with three police-involved shootings over a period of three weeks. It is the site of Dallas’ infamous West Dallas housing projects—where the city bottled up its poor residents in what became an illegal concentration of housing. Add to that an increasing crime rate, and the area still remains an unpopular place to live.

Loop 12 – Jim Miller Grid

Congested roads and intersections make this neighborhood one of the most dangerous places to walk in the city. The area is prone to flooding, and tons of trash and debris litter the streets in the neighborhood.

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