Want to Sell Your Difficult Fixer-Upper Property in Dallas, TX? Here Is How!

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While some people may see the potential in your fixer upper, most buyers view a house that needs a lot of work as an inconvenient investment. Updating your run down house can involve costly repairs that may not be financially wise or possible for you. Even after fixing up your home yourself, you could wait weeks or months for a profit. Luckily, Dallas homeowners have an alternative, time-tested, and reliable route to selling properties in poor condition. Comprised of quality real estate investors, Dallas Fast House Buyer is an experienced company that buys houses in Dallas TX in any condition for cash.

Why Selling Your Old, Run Down House to Us

The Shortest Wait Time Possible

When you sell to us, you can collect your all-cash offer faster than you think. Our real estate transaction is streamlined so you can receive your profit in as little as 3 to 30 days.

We Will Buy ANY Property As Is

If you think you can’t sell your house without paying to fix damages yourself, you are wrong! We make offers on junk houses and extremely damaged properties in any condition the homes are currently in. No matter the problems your house comes with, you can sell “as is” to our real estate investors.

Get Full Price in Cash

We give you a clean-cut profit in exchange for your old house. Our methods mean you receive an offer within 24 hours after your property’s value is assessed, and you can collect your cash in 72 hours or less after our contract is signed. Unlike when you sell through traditional means, working with us saves you from waiting weeks for the buyer to get the money you’re owed from a mortgage lender who has to approve them first. We want you to enjoy your profit as soon as possible!

No Ridiculous Additional Fees

We provide high quality and trustworthy services, which means we never sneak any surprise fees into our transaction. We roll any expected costs into the offer you receive so you know exactly what your profit is.

We Buy Houses With These Types of Damage (and not Only!)

Severe Structural Problems, Foundation Cracks and More

Houses that come with necessary structural and foundation repairs require a serious financial investment not many buyers are interested in making. While these problems affect your home’s resale value, you may not be able to pay thousands to fix these issues yourself. Instead of stressing over your property’s structural and foundation issues, you can sell to us without remedying any defects. We’ll fix your home while you enjoy your profit.

Fire Damage

A fire is a tragic event that can take away your sense of security, destroy your belongings, and reduce your home’s equity. A fire damaged property is a difficult house to sell traditionally without making extensive repairs, and you may not have the time or funds available to fix up your house yourself. We can buy your home “as is” in only days and give you the money you need to rebuild your life.

Water Damage with Toxic Mold

When the house you’re listing for sale has mold issues, water damage, or flooding problems, typical buyers won’t find your home attractive. We can see past your home’s current state and appreciate its potential. Because of this, we buy what some see as ugly houses or homes that are too damaged to invest in. No matter your property’s condition, we can save you from having to pay for repairs, remediation, or any other expenses before you can profit from your old home.


When a person interested in making an offer on your home learns the house has asbestos siding or other building materials, that buyer is likely to walk away. Although asbestos can do no damage so long as the mineral is not airborne, professional removal and costly inspections are required for your old house to be a valid option for anyone looking to call your property home. However, we’d be happy to arrange for removal and any repairs needed ourselves after we close our deal and you collect your money.

Damage Caused By Termites and Other Pests

When termites invade your home and wreak havoc on your property’s stability and structural integrity, your house needs far more than a simple termite remediation to make up for the damage. Buyers are extremely wary of a home that has a termite history, and paying for necessary repairs, inspections, and exterminations may take more funds than you can spare. With Dallas Fast House Buyer, you can exchange your home for cash without waiting months to close a deal or handling any costs yourself.

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Does my home have to be fixed before I sell it?

If you want to sell your home through a traditional route—with a realtor— then you are tasked with arranging and paying for any needed updates. Otherwise, you can’t sell your house in a short or even normal timeframe because buyers aren’t typically interested in properties in poor condition.

You can take advantage of an alternative selling option that saves you from waiting weeks or months to close a deal. A real estate investor can purchase your home in its current condition and handle making repairs themselves. This option means you can collect your profit in only days.

Can my buyer sue me after the closing?

Simply put, you can be sued after you’ve sold a house if you didn’t disclose all of the property’s known problems. The buyer reserves the right to hold you responsible if you did not properly inform them of past or current defects before the buyer purchased your old house.

However, if everything is properly disclosed on paper, your responsibility ends right after closing.

How long is my seller liability after I sell my property in Texas?

When all defects that can be found through a reasonable investigation and all issues the seller is aware of are made known to the buyer, the home seller’s liability ends after the property exchanges hands. However, if the seller does not communicate all known property defects, the seller commits fraud. In Texas, the statute of limitations is 4 years. This means the buyer can sue the seller during the 4 year period after the sale takes place, if there was deception.

What problems must be disclosed during the sale of my Dallas house As Is?

In Texas, you must declare any and all property defects. By law, you are required to inform the buyer of issues such as termites, asbestos, mold, structural damage, if the foundation needs repair or the house needs a new roof. If you as the seller failed to follow disclosure requirements, you can be in for a lawsuit.

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