Selling a Dallas Rental Property with Sitting Tenants Need Not Be a Challenge

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So you’ve been in the landlord business for quite some time but have decided that it’s best to let go of the investment. Selling a rental property with tenants is no easy feat, especially when you have bad tenants causing way too many hassles. There are reasonable steps that you can take to navigate the challenges and make it happen. Here’s how.

What You Should Do to Sell a House, Apartment, or Condo with Tenants in Situ

If You’re a Landlord Selling Your Tenanted House, Here Are Your Options

#1 Wait for the Lease to End Before Selling

This is a slower approach for landlords dealing with tenants on a lease. Without tenants in the home, you can effectively prepare the property for sale and fix it up to have better chances of selling at a higher price. This won’t work, however, for those landlords who do not have the time and resources to wait until the end of the lease agreement.

#2 You Can Evict the Tenant and Sell

If you’re dealing with terrible tenants who have severely damaged your property, then you can go for evicting tenants when selling a house. But keep in mind that the process is long and stressful. You’ll need to consult legal experts to ensure that you follow Texas eviction laws. You’ll have to provide a formal notice of eviction and take the case to the court.

#3 Sell Your Property While Tenants Are Renting

If you’re a landlord selling a house with tenants, you can try to get their cooperation during the sales process. You need to work together to lay down ground rules about how to deal with property showings. It will be difficult if the tenants in place refuse viewings. Add to that the downsides of having a messy tenant who keeps the property in poor condition and can easily turn off a buyer.

Call the Best Company that Buys Houses with Tenants in Dallas, Texas

You don’t have to go through a grueling process just to get your tenanted house sold. Dallas Fast House Buyer offers a hassle-free alternative that can help you get rid of sitting tenants through a quick and easy sale.

We have worked with hundreds of landlords in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding area, and closed deals in just a matter of days. We can deal with your situation no matter how complex it is.

Take the Hassle Out of the Equation when Selling

Multiple showings can be pretty challenging when you’re selling a home with tenants. We take this burden out by just requiring only one quick walkaround to make a fair valuation of your property. You can trust us to guide you throughout the process and take care of all the paperwork.

Expect a Home Sale That’s Fast and Easy

We understand that you want to sell your house fast but have tenants who make it complicated. We’ll help you out of this situation by working quickly to get you a no-obligation cash offer and close the deal within 3 to 30 days, regardless of the lease expiration date.

Make a Cash Profit for Your Home

We can make a quick decision on your rental property with tenants in residence because we buy properties using our own finances. No need to wait on a long chain or for a mortgage offer to come through. We’ll give you the speed, convenience, and confidence by buying your property for cash.

Forget About Repairs or Renovations – Sell to Us As Is

Whether your condo or duplex needs major improvements or your rental property is occupied by a section 8 tenant, you can sell it to us as it stands today. We won’t require you to shell out money for repairs.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Transparent, No Hidden Fee Transaction

We do not charge any fees when we buy your rental property with tenants in situ. We cover closing costs and any other expenses involved in the transaction. With us, you’ll be able to save more time and money to focus on other opportunities.


Is It Necessary to Send a Letter to Notify the Tenant of My Intent to Sell the Property?

Landlords are required by law to give reasonable and proper notice of an intent to sell a tenanted property. They can notify tenants of the sale of property through a letter that includes all important details such as the timeframe for the sale, schedules of showings, and how the landlord plans to market the property. It’s best to give as much information as possible to help tenants adjust and plan their moves.

If you choose to work with us, we’ll take care of this process and deal with your tenants in an effective and professional manner.

Suggestions on How to Make Showing of My House with Tenants to Buyers Easier?

Communication is everything when you want to make the most out of showing a rental property with tenants. Make sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the marketing process. Giving attractive incentives may work to your advantage, as these motivate tenants to keep the property clean and in good condition.

With us, you and your tenants will not have to suffer through the inconveniences of multiple showings. It will only take one quick walkaround for us to assess your property.

If Tenants Have the Right Not to Allow Access for Viewings, Does This Mean I Can’t Do Showings?

A landlord selling a house or apartment is the rightful owner of the property and can deal with it as he chooses. But this must be done with respect to the tenants’ rights to privacy and the use of the property. This is where formal notices are necessary. If the landlord has done his duties responsibly but a tenant still refuses viewings, then the landlord can take legal action against the tenant.

We’ll handle all these responsibilities once your property is sold to us. You won’t have to go through all the trouble of reminding the tenant of any scheduled viewing.

What Actions to Take if the Tenant Destroyed My Rental Property?

Landlords must be aware of their rights, especially when a tenant destroys their rental property. It’s important to take pictures of the destroyed house and gather all pieces of evidence that show the damage made by the renter. Seek legal help if you want to go through an eviction or sue your tenant in court.

Regardless of the condition of your property, we can purchase it as-is. You won’t have to make repairs or deal with the damage at all.

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