How Can I Make Selling My Dallas House With a Lien a Breeze?

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Selling a house with a tax lien or other form of lien means stressful obstacles stand in the way between you and closing a deal. However, a homeowner who understands their available options can more quickly and easily sell their property with debt attached for much-needed cash.

Sell a Home With a Lien Against It in 4 Easy Steps

What Must Be Done When Selling a Property That Has a Lien on It?

#1 Find Out the Current Market Value of Your Home

Your first responsibility to sell your property is to find its current market value. Whether you’re selling a condo, a townhouse, an apartment complex, or another type of residence, any existing state or federal tax liens affect the property’s value. With an estimate, you can then find a knowledgeable realtor to list your residence on the market.

#2 Review All Offers from Potential Buyers and Select the Most Suitable One

How quickly you can attract a serious buyer depends on your asking price, the local market’s condition, and your property’s current state.

Regardless of whether you weren’t able to pay for recent construction, if you owe child support, or if you can’t repay other creditors, any lien filed against your house can easily scare off interested buyers. Also, necessary home repairs can dissuade buyers from making an offer.

Conventional selling methods already give you no clear timeline on when you can expect to close a deal, but the added complications of liens can further delay you from selling.

#3 Prepare the Documents for Signing, Transfer to the Buyer, and Settle Tax Liens

After a buyer makes you an offer and receives funding needed to close the deal, you need to finalize transfer documents at the closing. The closing attorney involved in your transaction will also need a certified check that pays off expenses and any liens that the sale won’t cover.

#4 Make Sure Payment Has Been Made to Your Lien Holders

To make sure you don’t run into trouble down the road, verify the receipt of payment with lien holders. To further ensure you’re out of the woods, confirm that you paying off the liens has been recorded in the county deed books.

Here’s How to Sell Fast By Choosing the Best Company that Buys Houses With Liens in Dallas, Texas

Selling your property with back taxes, a property tax lien, or another type of debt attached can be short and sweet with the best cash house buyer in Dallas, Texas and the surrounding areas. The sooner you call Dallas Fast House Buyer for a guaranteed cash offer, the sooner you sell.

Sell Your Home As Is Without Any Repairs

Dallas Fast House Buyer purchases properties in any condition. Our process doesn’t involve rounds of appraisals or any due diligence period, and we pay for updates ourselves. By selling your home “As Is,” you don’t foot any repair bills whatsoever.

Make Home Selling Fast

For years, we have worked hard to make our real estate transaction process fast and effortless for homeowners. We generally close deals within 3 to 30 days. We’ll help you exchange your house with taxes owed as quickly as possible!

Get Cash in Exchange for Your Home

If a buyer doesn’t receive mortgage approval from a bank, you could be back at square one on selling your property for much-needed income. That said, funding problems won’t complicate our deal. We use pre-approved funds that are readily available.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Selling Process

Dealing with delinquent taxes, an IRS lien, or other debt situations can push you to your limit. We make things easier for you by only needing one quick walkaround. We then handle all paperwork and related complications for your benefit.

Transparent Transaction Without Hidden Fees

Other selling methods involve you being stuck with closing costs, hidden paperwork fees, and other expenses. Dallas Fast House Buyer covers all costs for you, which means you pay nothing to sell your property with any kind of lien attached.


When There’s a Lien Attached to My Home, How Does This Affect the Sale?

Unpaid debt resulting in a property lien complicates the selling process, but selling isn’t impossible.

If your lien issuer is open to negotiations, you possibly can pay back a fraction of your debt and have the rest forgiven. Alternatively, you can ask a buyer to take on the lien with the property, though not many buyers are willing. Also, banks may not give buyers mortgage approval if the property comes with debt.

The resulting funds from selling your house will be used to cover the existing liens. When you use traditional selling methods, attached fees and closing costs also subtract from the influx of money.

Dallas Fast House Buyers can streamline selling your property with a lien. We’ll go to work for you and make the selling process as effortless as possible. Plus, we typically finalize transactions in less than 30 days.

Any Advice on Selling a House that Has a Judgment?

Although it is possible to sell a home with a judgement lien, not many buyers are interested or financially able to make you an offer. Judgement liens stay with the property instead of the debtor, which means the new owner would assume the lien. Because banks may see purchasing such a property as too risky, any interested buyer can run into trouble securing funding.

Meanwhile, Dallas Fast House Buyer uses alternative funding methods and can guarantee you an obligation-free offer on your home. The straightforward money we will readily supply can be used to quickly settle the judgement lien, so you can more easily put this stressful financial time behind you.

How Can I Make Selling a Home With an SBA Loan Lien Happen?

An SBA Loan Lien can be filed against a property when a business owner puts up their house as collateral to receive a Small Business Administration loan. Unfortunately, an SBA Loan Lien can lead to a property’s foreclosure to repay the debt.

To stop a bad situation from becoming even worse, it’s important to quickly sell your home. You can receive an offer after one property walkaround when you contact Dallas Fast House Buyer. We can buy your home no matter the lien attached and make the selling process hands-off and stress-free for you.

What Actions to Take When Selling a House With a Medicaid Lien?

Medicaid can file a lien against a property for assisted living and nursing home debt, and you may need to sell the house to pay off the lien. You can improve your odds of attracting a buyer by making home improvements, marketing the listing, and organizing rounds of home tours. However, buyers are more likely to go for properties without liens attached.

When you want to sell your property with a Medicaid lien, Dallas Fast House Buyer can help. We’ll negotiate the lien’s terms with Medicaid and smooth out other real estate complications to make the home-selling process transparent and effortless for you.

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